Pre-Existing Medical Condition

Travel insurance policies have certain exclusions one of them being existing and ongoing medical conditions. If you have pre-existing medical conditions before applying for insurance, you and each person to be insured must notify and declare to your insurers of any material facts that relate to your health. This will be a general requirement for most travel insurance policies.

Should you fail to comply with this section of the policy you may find that any claims arising from pre existing medical conditions, which have not been disclosed and accepted in writing by insurers may result to a claim being declined. If you are unsure what a pre existing medical condition is, always check your policy or direct with your insurance provider.

If you or any one travelling with you have a pre-existing medical condition, or, are on a hospital waiting list, for any kind of medical treatment, and would like us to quote to cover the condition, please call our medical screening line on: 0345 257 7885 please quote reference Globeshield.

Please note failure to disclose pre-existing medical condition/s may jeopardize a claim under The Medical Section of the policy.