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Our objective is to provide a fair and efficient service to all our policyholders. Please assist us in helping you by completing the claim form as accurately as possible and enclosing the correct documents.


With all claims we require:

- Your insurance policy/certificate.
- Travel agents invoice showing that you paid an insurance premium.

The list below details the specific requirements for most claims.

Cancellation Claims:
  • Tour operators booking and cancellation invoices.
  • Unused airline tickets.
  • Proof of reason for cancellation; Death or Medical certificate, letter of Redundancy, Court Subpoena.
Travel Delay Claims:
  • Written confirmation from airline giving intended and actual departure times and reason for delay.
Missed Departure Claims:
  • Receipts for additional travel costs incurred.
  • Written evidence of the event that caused you to miss the departure.
Medical Expenses Claim:
  • 24 hour Medical Emergency Service must be contacted should a serious medical problem arise or in the event of in-patient hospitalisation.
  • Receipts for expenses incurred.
  • Used and unused travel tickets.
  • Form E111 if treatment obtained within the EU.
  • Report from treating doctor.
  • Hospital confirmation of admission and discharge dates.
  • Hotel invoice for additional accommodation casts.
Curtailment Claims:
  • Evidence to support early return home, Death or Medical certificate.
  • Receipts for all expenses incurred.
  • Used or unused travel tickets.
Personal Property, Money, Loss of Passport Claims:
  • List of items claimed showing date, place of purchase, and price paid.
  • Police and/or tour representatives report.
  • Property Irregularity Report where loss, damage or delay has occurred whilst your baggage has been in the custody of the airline.
  • Consulates report.
  • Baggage tags and airline tickets.
Proof of value and ownership as follows:
  • Receipts, pre loss valuations, instruction books/manuals.
  • Currency vouchers, bank statements.
  • Credit card vouchers/statements.
  • Receipts/Reports/Valuations from reputable dealers.
  • Photos of jewellery (or of you wearing items).
  • Letter confirming beyond repair.